Hana Highway, Maui, Hawaii

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This picture was taken from our resort (Kona Sheraton, Big Island, Hawaii) and not Maui :).

We visited the Maui in the summer of 2013. Oh what memories! We picked two contrasting islands for our trip – the Big Island, which is more serene and scenic; Maui, which is smaller and more commercialized. I liked Big Island more than Maui. However, this blog post is about our drive along the “Hana Highway” in Maui.

I have never been to the pacific coast highway in California and therefore have no frame of reference when describing the beauty of Hana Highway. Nevertheless, from what I have read or heard nothing holds a candle to the Hana Highway. The sights and sounds are indescribable. Truth be told – the drive is not for the faint hearted. I thoroughly enjoyed the panoramic views from the passenger seat of our car while hubby had to bear caution along the narrow, at times one-lane slippery road filled with sharp twists and turns; and the crashing pacific waves below. It was like “trekking” through a lush rain forest by car and being rewarded with a “scenic overlook” of the Pacific. The entire stretch is about a 100 miles and we made it up to about 70 miles. The drive is slow for obvious reasons and takes a couple of hours each way. I will add more posts on Hawaii. Until then love to all and safe travels 🙂

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