In my “organic” opinion……

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Of late I have had an awakening for all things organic – more so with beauty products. I love organic and natural beauty products. While they can be very expensive, you can start small with the number and size of products. Trial sizes are a good option for a patch test and to figure out whether it is something you would like to use long term. I referenced the “Environmental Working group” website and the “Goodguide” in selecting my own products. Yes, you can choose what you use :). It is interesting to note that very few ingredients are actually needed to make organic and all natural bath, skincare and hair products. You will need to research quiet a bit to identify such brands and the ingredients that you are willing to use. If I have to, I choose products that contain sustainable, organic palm oil (my bit for the Orangoutangs). You might want to try out a couple of brands per product before settling for the one that works for you. For example) choosing a good moisturizer can be tricky depending on your skin type. If you choose a moisturizer with mostly heavy oils, it could lead to breakouts and certain additives may cause your skin to feel irritated. It will take some time to find the one! I am loving some of the products that I have been trying out and my skin feels great. Don’t expect to see overnight results or your soap to lather much. Give it time. You may feel like nothing happened because we are otherwise so used to seeing immediate results at the expense of a stretchy skin. Yet another option, is DIY products. They make for fun and creative projects too! I have tried my hand at a couple of melt and pour soaps. If you can come up with a skin friendly formulation that you found on the internet or like – then great. The only flip side to this approach is that the raw materials are sold in bulk and if you are like me – making them just for yourself or your family, then it can be an overkill (more ideas on another post). All said and done, my skin feels happy and content now with organic beauty products.

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