My world of Biryanis!

Om nom nom! I am a proud foodie 🙂 I love to cook and love to eat. My first food post – on my first love – “the” biryani! I heard that there are at least 55 varieties of biryanis in India. I am by no means a biryani historian but I appreciate the evolution of biryani and its “migration” if you will, across the Indian states. I love the heavily spiced biryanis as much as the aromatic and subtle tasting varieties. I surely haven’t tried all the 55 varieties and at home; for a reason that escapes me; I have always made hyderabadi biryanis (no regrets). A home cooked meal (pic below) is a standard birthday gift for my hubby. Armed with all the tricks and cooking hacks in the world, one can still go wrong with this dish. If you can make a good biryani, I pay my obeisance to you. A biryani can be as simple or complex in terms of its ingredients – it depends on who you are asking, but what cannot be ignored is the “layered” complexity of flavor. Separate strands of rice grains, succulent chicken (or your choice of meat), the right balance of moisture and spices is indeed hard to achieve. This is my “acid test” for any good authentic Indian restaurant. Very few have made the cut in the US, and a plethora of them back home, in India. If you are in Kolkata, be sure to visit “Aminia” for the mildly spiced but loaded in flavor biryani. The “regular” Andhra biryani and my recent discovery of the “Nattu Kozhi” or country chicken biryani will be sure to leave a long lasting impression on your taste buds. I also look forward to trying the “Ambur” biryani from Tamil Nadu in my next India trip. How can I forget the lucknowi biryani? I came across the video below on youtube and have been amazed by the culinary genius and finesse of this biryani chef who takes biryani to a different level altogether. Do share your biryani recipes, pics or any comment below if you share my passion for biryanis.

– Love to all and happy eating 🙂

My humble home cooked biryani:

© All rights reserved.


The Lucknowi biryani


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