Masaharu Morimoto

Awe, wonder, disbelief, “food god” are some of the words I associate Masaharu Morimoto with. He is a Japanese cuisine genius. He is known to make art out of food. Whenever I watch a rerun of the “iron chef”, I am amazed at how creative a person can be – each time he outdoes himself. It is not just his techniques but even the plating. For eg) In season 1 of the iron chef he created taco shells out of baby fish and “mini sushi gardens” for his final presentation. Who does that? I love maki but don’t eat most of the ingredients he uses but it can still make one hungry after a sumptuous meal 🙂 Whenever my parents or in-laws visit us from India, they also get hooked on to the iron chef reruns – especially the Morimoto episodes. And rightly so my parents gave us a wonderful 5th year wedding anniversary gift, which was a dinner for two at one of his restaurants. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the time to do so yet but when I do, I will be sure to blog about it. Very glad that netflix has added the iron chefs episodes. Sorry, can’t include any pics or videos on this subject due to copywright laws but you can find them on youtube.

morimoto 2

Happy eating 🙂


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