The Garden of Eden Arboretum, Maui, Hawaii

The” Jurassic Park” rock in the distance.


The “shack”. Don’t forget to try the fresh shrimp wrap.

Have you ever felt that time has slowed down? It did for us at the Garden of Eden Arboretum in Maui, Hawaii. This place is a hidden gem. This was a planned pitstop on our drive along the Hana Highway. It is quiet a ride up to the garden, but well worth the effort! Unexpectedly, yet fortunately it rained that hot summer day. We were offered rain ponchos and a fruit snack of bananas for a very nominal charge at the entrance. It looked like we were the only visitors to the arboretum. The scenic overlook offered a great view of the famous  “Jurassic Park rock” – so that was indeed a treat! The sweetest memory of this trip was a little shack (shown in the picture above) in the garden owned by a couple who seemed to have – not a care in this world. We were thankful that someone was there to serve food at that altitude. We had the freshest shrimp wraps ever and it simply made the day perfect! Please do visit the garden if you get a chance. The garden together with the drive along Hana Highway was the highlight of our trip to Maui, Hawaii.

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