Our Swtizerland trip and travel tips

We chose Switzerland as our honeymoon destination when we got married more than 5 years ago. The fact that Zurich can be an expensive destination, did not stop two doctoral students living off of a measly stipend. We chose Zurich for its scenic beauty and Yash Chopra movies had sort of programmed the destination into our subconscious over the years :).

Zurich is such a vibrant and beautiful city. Getting around Zurich was pretty easy as it has a very well connected public transportation system. All you need is a tourist guide map and you can be on your way. We booked two conducted tours over two days. The first one was a Zurich tour and the second one was a tour around Lucerne. Both trips were equally expensive but the Lucerne trip was money well spent. The first trip felt like a rip off, as the main attraction – a rose garden was taken off the pit stop list last minute. Into just 3 hrs of a 5 hour trip, the guides handed us some tickets to get back to main station and bid as adieu. We could have done the “Zurich day tour” much better without paying the conducted tour company for it.

A few of the places in Switzerland that have left a lasting impression are:

1) Bahnhofstrasse is the main downtown street filled with hustle bustle – malls and restaurants.
2) Bellevue Square, which makes for a perfect relaxing spot or a splendid lakeside walk. The Kunsthaus or museum is walking distance from here.
3) Make sure you have time to spare to see the Swiss National museum.
4) Lake Zurich

Lucerne and the trip to it was a very memorable one. We perched on the upper level of our double decker tour bus while munching on chicken legs as the bus passed through lush green “shire” esque places. This was probably the highlight of the entire trip. At one of the pit stops, our tour guide pointed out to Roger Federer’s home somewhere in the distance. But Darn! The Lindt chocolate factory was closed that day. The gift shop was open :).

We also took a trip to Engelberg to go atop the famous Mt. Titlis glacier. It was Dec/Jan when we visited.I remember having freeze burns at the glacier, with little to no visibility, strong gusts, and the cherry on the cake was a mini storm that brought with it tiny ice crystals that bombarded our faces. In a matter of minutes, we found ourselves knee deep in snow on the glacier. With a good deal of struggle, we made it inside the little cafe – feeling relieved and blessed to have witnessed it and been there.

Did I mention already that things are very expensive in Switzerland? I mean one of the few things that we could afford was the US $13 chicken sandwich from McDonald’s. As we are selective non-vegetarians, we had to rely on the “poulet” sandwiches at local coffee shops and baked/grilled chicken legs from the underground station market for our meals. Oh and the most important travel tip, Sundays are pretty much “off” days with hardly anyone on the streets and touristy place closures – so plan accordingly.

After the wedding and honeymoon, we headed back to the US, and settled down with our married life. Then one fine day, hubby realized that he accidentally deleted our Switzerland pics! I remembered that I had transferred a selected few photos to my dad’s laptop in India. Back then dad was not very tech savvy, so we took a trip to India two years later, and the first thing I did upon reaching there was to salvage those photos. Some memories are too precious to lose. Here are some of them 🙂

Love to all!


I want to say this is view from Bellevue…
The “Shire” esque place
We are not in the pics….

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