Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu, Hawaii!

Yay! Finally back from our second trip to the Hawaiian Islands. This time we picked a more distant island with its own charm – Oahu. Oahu is a perfect blend of scenic beauty and the hustle bustle. We had a wonderful time in Honolulu and the surrounding areas on this island. During our first trip to Hawaii, I could not get over my experience of visiting the Garden of Eden arboretum in Maui. Visiting the Lyon Arboretum brought in the feeling of déjà vu. Incidentally, it started to rain as soon as we reached and had to hike around once again wearing our rain ponchos. Too familiar of an experience!

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by this breathtaking view:


There is just a $5.00 suggested donation per person for this park. View from inside the park:


DSC_1734 DSC_1732

Unlike the Garden of Eden Arboretum, the Lyon Arboretum offered a wonderful hike that promised a bonus waterfall at the very end of it. We bravely made it up to 80% of the hike but had to turn around due to the rains and the slippery slopes. I loved every bit of this nature hike and even said this out aloud at one point “this must be what heaven feels like” 🙂

Look at what we found as we made our way through this enchanted forest……

Strangely beautiful tree trunk….

and the ground was covered with these wild “blue” berries.


and more………


Strange mushroom-like fungus?
Strange mushroom-like fungus?

Other interesting flora…….

DSC_1805      DSC_1834

DSC_1719      DSC_1799

We found tiny fish swimming in the rain water that had accumulated in the center part of this plant! Anyone have any clues to what they really were?


I cannot decide between Eden, Maui and Lyon,Oahu. I am just thankful to have experienced both places. Leaving you with one more pic 🙂


For anyone who is wondering about a place to eat – there is a restaurant just before you enter the garden, didn’t notice one inside the garden.

Have a blessed day!

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